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Dirty wings kill birds

Dirty wings kill birds


Spirit of Texas Paddlewheeler - CPR classes held on board

CPR classes conducted dockside on the Spirit of Texas paddlewheeler. Call to schedule a class today!!



WRS Workshops and Training Classes

As we schedule workshops and classes, we will post them here. Check back often for upcoming workshops or to schedule a class at your facility. We can be reached at 713-705 -5897 or email rhonda@wildliferesponse.net

Potential Wildlife Issues on Industrial Facilities Course

This course focuses on industrial facilities and issues they may face when dealing with wildlife. Call to schedule a course at your location today.

Oiled Wildlife Response Workshops

For wildlife rehabiliation training and volunteer opportunities please visit the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition, Inc website.

To make a donation, please visit the Bay Area Wildlife Rehabilitation website or contact Rhonda Murgatroyd at 713-705-5897 for more wildlife rehabilitation information.

CPR / AED & First Aid Training

In 1960, a group of resuscitation pioneers combined mouth-to-mouth breathing with chest compressions to create Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, the lifesaving action we now call “CPR.” This action, when provided immediately after a sudden cardiac arrest, can double – even triple – a victim’s chance of survival. ~ The American Heart Association

Class is open to all. Call to schedule a class at 713-705-5897 or email instructor Rhonda Murgatroyd

Pet First Aid & Disaster Response Training

This class instructs the student in animal CPR and is open to the public . It is taught through the Emergency Care and Safety Institute. Upon course completion you will receive a card that verifies you completed and have the knowledge and skill evaluations for the ECSI Pet First Aid & Disaster Response course. Call to schedule a class at 713-705-5897 or email instructor Rhonda Murgatroyd.